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10 Reasons to Own a Don Cherry's

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3 Steps to Own a Don Cherry's

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Our Brand is the Most Unique Concept in the Food Service Industry today!

Completely Unique

# 1 reason
  • Every Don Cherry's Sports Grill is Completely Different, just like Don's Jackets!

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Quick Conversion

# 2 reason
  • We are the  Best Option for Quick and Easy Conversions of your Lounge or Restaurant/Bar.

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Awesome Promo

# 3 reason
  • We have the best promotional support.

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Lowest Fees

# 4 reason
  • We have the Lowest Yearly Fee which is based on capacity and buying group benefits.

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Lowest Cost

# 5 reason
  • We offer the Lowest Cost to Entry in the Food Service Industry.

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Full Control

# 6 reason
  • You have Full & Complete Operational Autonomy of your Store.

  • Exclusive in the Industry

The Man

# 7 reason
  • Don Cherry was voted as one of the greatest Canadians of all time!

  • Exclusive in the Industry

Exclusive Areas

# 8 reason
  • You create an Exclusive Territory for your Store.

  • Exclusive in the Industry


Give us a call. Where a hand shake still means something.

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The greatest thing is that you will own a Don Cherry's Sports Grill.

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It couldn't be more simple to open your own Don Cherry's Sports Grill

Each location features locally created/crafted menu items to reflect locally driven tastes!

Looking for your local Don Cherry's Sports Grill?
As each store is independently owned and operated,
please feel free to search Facebook and Google for local links/contact


Don Cherry's Sports Grill Inc.
Box 335
Parry Sound ON,


Phone: +1  (866) 821-0468